The Videos

Primarily packaged as weekly VLOG's, my YouTube Channel offers unique insight in to my life as a seasoned poker pro, and budding entrepreneur.  Every time I sit down to produce a new episode I ask myself the following questions:

  1. What story am I telling in this episode?

  2. How am I providing value for the viewer?

  3. What is the overall lesson or takeaway from this episode?

Thanks for watching the episodes. The response has been overwhelming and humbling.

The Music

Music is a passion of mine, and has a huge influence in my videos. I love music so much that I decided to pick up DJ'ing and music production as a hobby. Not only do I painstakingly select all the music included in each VLOG, I often spend countless hours in Ableton creating the "perfect" mashup for each sequence of my videos. The musical composition in my videos is one of my favorite parts of the creative process. I'm often asked for a playlist of the music I use in my VLOG's so I decided to create one in SoundCloud.